5 Ways to Identify Roof Damage

Posted by Unity Home Group® on Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 at 6:32am.

How To Spot Roof DamageWhen it comes to protecting a home, the roof is out there 24/7 on the front lines, standing against everything from blizzards to thunderstorms. With all those beatings from weather, it’s no wonder they need a little repair every now and again. But what exactly should homeowners look for when trying to discover if their roof needs repair or not? Here are five different things to keep an eye out for to help keep any roof in good condition.

Granules in Gutters

The next time someone takes out a ladder to get dead leaves out of the gutters, they should take a closer look in the bottom of the gutters for shingle granules. It’s common for shingles to lose their granules as they age—when they’re young, some granules may be lost because they weren’t completely attached, and when they’re old, some may come off because of everything the shingles have endured. While new shingles losing their extra granules is normal, old shingles losing theirs is a telltale sign that the shingles may need replacement.

Missing Shingles

It’s easy for most Homewood homeowners to spot if shingles are missing because there will be clear gaps or changes of color on the roof. Shingles can come loose during heavy rain or strong winds, especially if they weren’t properly installed, and it can be more common for shingles to come off as the roof ages. Missing shingles can allow leaks to get into the home, and it’s advised to replace any missing shingles as quickly as possible to protect the home before moisture can get inside.

Curled, Cracked, or Broken Shingles

In addition to coming off, shingles can also become misshapen over time. Common appearances they can take on include becoming curled, broken, or cracked. This will typically happen as a result of extreme weather conditions, such as cold causing cracks, but other things like animals and age can also cause misshaped shingles. When shingles are damaged in this way, it can allow air and moisture to get into the attic, so it’s best to have the shingles replaced quickly to prevent any damage.

Light and Leaks in the Attic

If it’s difficult to spot anything wrong with the roof and shingles from outside the home, homeowners can try entering the attic to get a better idea from the other side. If there is any light streaming inside from the roof, it’s a definite sign that the roof has sustained damage. Even thin cracks can allow water in, which can cause mold and mildew to grow in the attic. Similarly, if there’s any sign of water damage in the attic, it may be caused by holes in the roof, but it’s also possible that there’s a leaky pipe, so homeowners should seek out a second opinion from an expert if they aren’t able to diagnose the problem themselves.

Damage Elsewhere on the Home

Hail is notorious for hurting roofs, especially when it gets big. It can be difficult for homeowners to tell if their roof has been damaged, though. When looking for hail damage, the shingle granules will typically be missing in a circular area where the hail struck the shingles. In order to better tell if their home was damaged by hail, homeowners can also look at their gutters, external air conditioners, and other things for dents. If there are signs of hail striking those, it’s promising the roof also suffered.

Identifying roof damage isn’t difficult when homeowners know what to look for. Homeowners who spot any of these five tell-tale signs should seek a professional who can repair their roof and protect their home. 

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