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What to Know About Millennial Home MythsMillennial home buying myths are rampant in the real estate business. There's a lot of misinformation about whether or not Millennials want to buy homes, can afford to buy homes and are inclined to go about the home-buying process in the traditional way. These three myths are very common but they are just that: myths. Here's the truth about Millennial Indian Springs home buyers.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Myth or Truth?: Millennials Can't Buy Homes Because of Student Debt

Millennials are famously strapped with student debt. Student debt has been ballooning in recent decades, and some Millennials find making payments difficult on

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Tips for Marketing Your Home to the Right BuyerMarketing doesn't just apply to products like ice cream or insurance, it applies to anything being sold, especially your home. However, most sellers haven't studied the art of branding, which is one of the reasons why their best offer doesn't always match their appraisal value. In some cases, the two numbers may be wildly different. Marketing a home means finding customized solutions that fit both the neighborhood and the buyer profile. Here are a few tips to get a seller started before they ever list on the MLS.

Pricing the Home

Pricing is the first piece of marketing that all homeowners need to consider. The idea of listing a home is to find the sweet spot, so buyers are neither turned off by the high prices nor tempted to make a low-ball

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Pick the Right Siding For Your New Construction HomeWhich type of siding to install is just one of the many decisions that a home buyer must make when buying a new construction home or when their pre-owned home's siding is due for a replacement. Different sidings have different characteristics. Appearance, maintenance and longevity vary from one type to the next. Home buyers must choose the type of siding that suits their needs, budget and preferences to heighten the curb appeal of their home.

Brick Veneer

Brick veneer has the look of real brick but is only a fraction of the thickness. Unlike real brick, it serves no structural purpose. In fact, brick veneer is not especially waterproof and offers little protection to the structure. Therefore, homes with brick veneer siding must be protected by

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How to Choose a Home Security SystemHome security systems today are designed to prevent natural and man-made disasters alike. However, homeowners may need to adjust their thinking of what a standard home security system really looks like in the real world. Not everyone needs the latest security cameras or panic rooms to keep criminals at bay. Learn more about the strategies people are using today to be as proactive about their home security as possible.

What to Know About Installing Home Security

There is no such thing as an impenetrable fortress of security for homeowners. Each home has their own vulnerabilities, though some will have more than others. For the most part, the proactive nature of a homeowner is often enough to keep criminals away from their property. Additionally,

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Tips for Buyers Managing Bidding WarsA bidding war is never an ideal situation for a home buyer. Still, many people come out on the other side of bidding wars with the home they want for a price they can afford. Home buyers who find themselves trapped in a bidding war must be cool and calm, even as emotions begin to escalate. These tips can help.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Set Your Limits

When a bidding war gets heated up, it's almost too easy to get caught up in the moment. This can lead a buyer to making an offer that is unrealistically high. Homeowners must know before the bidding war gets out of control how much they are willing to spend on the house, then they

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4 Roof Styles For Your HomeWhen purchasing a new construction home, buyers have many advantages over buying a pre-made home because new construction means they have an opportunity to customize nearly everything about a home to truly make it their own. One of the many things that can be personalized on a new home is the style of roof used. Contrary to popular belief, there’s actually many great styles that Birmingham homeowners can choose from  and not just the ones that are popular with the builders who work in the area. Here are some of the different roof styles that homeowners can choose from.

Gable Roofs

Gable style roofs are some of the most common used in homes. Because they’re angled upward, they provide attic space for homes, help shed water and snow, and are the

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How To Identify Pests In Your HomeNo homeowner wants to discover that a family of mice or cockroaches has moved into their home. Household pests can cause a lot of damage to a home and create health problems for the people living there, so it’s important for homeowners to be familiar with the different signs that pests leave behind. But what should homeowners do to help get rid the insects and pests that try to share their home? Here is some helpful information any Birmingham homeowner can use about identifying pests and getting rid of them.

Identifying the Pests

There’s a wide number of different insects, rodents, and other critters that can get into a home, and the ones around will vary depending on where the home is located. Here are some of the common ones:

  • Fruit
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What You Can Do To Keep Your House SafeHomes are generally safe places, but there are some common hazards that can be found in homes all over the country. Knowing the different hazards can help homeowners protect their property and loved ones. Below are some of the most common hazards found in households to be careful of.

Fire Hazards

Household fires can start for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common causes include electrical problems, poor kitchen safety practices and unsafe usage of the fireplace. Homeowners who want to prevent household fires can do so in the following ways:

  • Investigate any electrical problems as soon as they become evident.
  • Stay in the kitchen and monitor food on the skillet when cooking on the stove.
  • Never leave a fire in the fireplace
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How to Eliminate Mold in Your HomeMold is not only an ugly mark on the surface of a home but a health hazard that can potentially make residents ill. Taking care of it can be more complicated than first meets the eye, which is why homeowners may need to do additional research on the remediation process. A tiny patch of mold on the carpet may be easily vanquished with a DIY removal kit, but if the homeowner can't identify its source, they may find themselves constantly fighting mold for months on end.

Step One: Safety Basics

Mold is mildew's more intense cousin in that they both indicate there's too much moisture is in the air. But while mildew is relatively harmless and can be killed with surface cleaner, mold has a far more intense grip. Mold can cause cold-like symptoms to

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New Home Building Technology in Construction TodayHome lighting is important for creating a pleasant atmosphere and a safe place to live. It's typical for homes to come with built in light fixtures, but often these light fixtures are simple and utilitarian, rather than attractive and multifunctional. Often, it's up to the homeowner to install their own lighting, either during a remodel or by purchasing specialized lamps. These suggestions can help homeowners decide which lighting options are best for their home, whether it's for personal use or for home staging.

Install Unique Pendant Lighting In Unexpected Areas

Pendant lighting is lighting that hangs from the ceiling and provides focused, directional illumination. It is commonly seen in the kitchen and dining room, hanging over food eating

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