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Home Cabinet Renovation OptionsHomeowners often decide to change their cabinets as part of a larger renovation or home improvement project. Before people get too invested, they should consider their options. Homeowners can paint or re-stain their existing cabinets, make more complicated cosmetic changes, or decide to remove the current ones and start fresh. This information helps people discover the benefits and disadvantages of each approach.

1. Change Cabinet Colors and Pulls

Painting cabinets has a way of taking years off of a surface, and home cabinets are no different. Colors and finishes fade in and out of popularity, making what once seemed up-to-the-minute feel dated and worn. On the upside, adding fresh paint or stain and new drawer pulls costs the least money and

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Looking at Luxury Homes? Explore a Jumbo LoanA traditional loan may not be a practical for certain types of homes. This makes a jumbo loan a useful option. While not for everyone, this unique type of financing differs from conventional mortgages in a few ways, including the stringency of its eligibility requirements and backing. As individuals look to finance luxury homes in competitive markets, jumbo loans are one approach to consider when buying high-value property. Learn more about a jumbo loan, lending requirements, tax implications and more.

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What Is a Jumbo Mortgage?

Jumbo mortgages have become increasingly popular in recent years. A jumbo loan

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Home Buyer? Everything You Need to Know About Property TaxesProperty taxes raise a lot of revenue for communities. In fact, in many areas, property taxes are a primary source of tax revenue. All property owners, unless exempt, must pay property taxes. Since this is an annual (or semi-annual) obligation, the majority of home buyers must budget for and have the ability to pay taxes. For a new home buyer who has never owned a home, understanding property taxes can be important. Here's what you need to know.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a certified tax expert before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

How Property Taxes are Calculated

Property taxes are calculated as percentage of a property's assessed value. In many communities, property values are assessed annually. In

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Should You Use Your 401k to Finance Your Down Payment?A large down payment is always going to be the best foundation for buying a home. It not only fully invests the buyer in the property, but it shows lenders, real estate agents, and sellers just how serious the buyer is when they place a bid. But it's not always easy to come up with a full 20% (or more) of the asking price, even if the buyer has substantial savings. There is a way to pull savings from a 401k to put toward a down payment, but buyers are highly encouraged to learn the details before they contact their account manager to set the plan in motion.

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Withdrawing Money from a 401k

Buyers generally have two

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Buying a Foreclosure? Check Out These 5 TipsWhen it comes to buying a new home, buyers have a lot of options. However, one that many people either dismiss or don’t consider is purchasing a home that has been foreclosed. Buying a foreclosed home can be tricky and provide challenges that are absent when purchasing another home, but it’s very possible to purchase one of these homes so long as the buyer knows what they’re doing. Here are five tips every home buyer should know if they want to purchase a foreclosed home.

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1. Hire the Right Agent

Working with an agent is everything when buying a home, but when buying a foreclosed home, it’s even more important. Many

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Selling Your Home? You Need a Real Estate Agent with Good Customer Service!Selling a home can be a complicated, involved process. It is the job of the real estate agent to provide customer service throughout the entire transaction. Knowing why it is important to find a real estate professional with good customer service makes it easier for the homeowner to pick the right real estate professional. Here's what you need to know.

Selling a Home Takes Time

Selling a home takes a lot of time. During the process, there are many complicated legal documents that must be filled out, many phone calls to be returned, and leg work to be done. If the real estate professional the homeowner hires is unable to dedicate the time it takes to selling the home, the sale may take much longer than necessary.

Delays cost home sellers

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What to Know About Millennial Home MythsMillennial home buying myths are rampant in the real estate business. There's a lot of misinformation about whether or not Millennials want to buy homes, can afford to buy homes and are inclined to go about the home-buying process in the traditional way. These three myths are very common but they are just that: myths. Here's the truth about Millennial Indian Springs home buyers.

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Myth or Truth?: Millennials Can't Buy Homes Because of Student Debt

Millennials are famously strapped with student debt. Student debt has been ballooning in recent decades, and some Millennials find making payments difficult on

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Tips for Marketing Your Home to the Right BuyerMarketing doesn't just apply to products like ice cream or insurance, it applies to anything being sold, especially your home. However, most sellers haven't studied the art of branding, which is one of the reasons why their best offer doesn't always match their appraisal value. In some cases, the two numbers may be wildly different. Marketing a home means finding customized solutions that fit both the neighborhood and the buyer profile. Here are a few tips to get a seller started before they ever list on the MLS.

Pricing the Home

Pricing is the first piece of marketing that all homeowners need to consider. The idea of listing a home is to find the sweet spot, so buyers are neither turned off by the high prices nor tempted to make a low-ball

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Pick the Right Siding For Your New Construction HomeWhich type of siding to install is just one of the many decisions that a home buyer must make when buying a new construction home or when their pre-owned home's siding is due for a replacement. Different sidings have different characteristics. Appearance, maintenance and longevity vary from one type to the next. Home buyers must choose the type of siding that suits their needs, budget and preferences to heighten the curb appeal of their home.

Brick Veneer

Brick veneer has the look of real brick but is only a fraction of the thickness. Unlike real brick, it serves no structural purpose. In fact, brick veneer is not especially waterproof and offers little protection to the structure. Therefore, homes with brick veneer siding must be protected by

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How to Choose a Home Security SystemHome security systems today are designed to prevent natural and man-made disasters alike. However, homeowners may need to adjust their thinking of what a standard home security system really looks like in the real world. Not everyone needs the latest security cameras or panic rooms to keep criminals at bay. Learn more about the strategies people are using today to be as proactive about their home security as possible.

What to Know About Installing Home Security

There is no such thing as an impenetrable fortress of security for homeowners. Each home has their own vulnerabilities, though some will have more than others. For the most part, the proactive nature of a homeowner is often enough to keep criminals away from their property. Additionally,

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